Who we are

A Message From The CEO

In an ever-changing environment that’s in constant search for smart energy supply, innovative solutions are inevitable, and this where Gas Chill comes in.

From the day of its establishment in 2006, as a District Cooling Service Provider and Electromechanical Contractors, and through the years, we have been able to engrave Gas Chill name on many of the landmark projects in Egypt.

With rock-solid record of success, our clients are our partners. We continuously deliver value to them through energy saving and environmentally friendly solutions that enrich their experience and maximize their benefit.

I say proudly, we remain firm in our commitment to embrace advanced technologies and form innovative tailored solutions unique to our company and clients. Our route to success has been highly dependent on our competent team of professionals and our philosophy of sustaining client satisfaction.

Finally, we believe with committed staff and employment of advanced project management practices, we have a formula for sustainable growth and achievement. We are very proud of our employees, whose dedication, talent and loyalty had placed Gas Chill an as important force in its market.

Best regards,

Ihab Mansour
Chief Executive Officer

At Gas Chill, we provide district cooling systems (DCS) and air conditioning solutions powered by our advanced natural gas technology. Established in 2006, under investment law No.8 for the year 1997, we are the first private district cooling service provider in Egypt and leading the future for energy cooling and electromechanical solutions.

With an authorized capital of EGP 300 million and an issued capital of EGP 60 million, Gas Chill is a fast and ever growing company, providing value to our clients by delivering effective MEP solutions anchored by delivery time and sustainability.

Gas Chill is an Egyptian company established in late 2006 to provide inventive world class cooling & heating solutions using the latest groundbreaking technology.

Gas Chill’s core objective is to provide the most revolutionary environmentally friendly energy supply techniques in Egypt.

ISO Management Standards are a series of frameworks that help in running our business effectively, and is proof from a third party that the organization complies with these standards. Gas Chill has ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certificates.

Our Methodology

Vision, Strategy, & Values.

in many development areas

Our vision is to reimagine the energy sector through our advanced cooling and heating solutions that provide efficient, reliable, sustainable, and profitable solutions to our customers.
Our strategy is to align our customers with healthy financial returns through our turnkey one-stop bespoke service, giving our customers a competitive market position. We deliver high value prospects to our customers through our tailor-made solution process, all while developing cooling technology to meet the ever-growing demands of the market.
At Gas Chill, we are defined by our values. Our operations are anchored by innovating our industry, committing to our goals, and acting with integrity throughout our operations.
We are committed to integrity as it is a precious asset, it is our reputation and the foundation of all our actions. We strive towards excellence throughout our entire operational supply chain as we focus developing our technology and operations.
Our employees and workplace culture contribute to our overall success. We make effort to ensure safety is factored throughout the entire value chain at Chill Gas as we prioritize safety for our customers and workforce.

Company Structure

Egypt Kuwait Holding’s

EKH investments

in the energy and energy-related segment in Egypt is done through its 100%-owned subsidiary NATENERGY.

Nat Energy

NatEnergy is a 100%-owned subsidiary by Egypt Kuwait Holding’s (EKH) that invests in energy and energy-adjacent segments in Egypt. Since 1997, EKH has been on a mission to become a key participant in the economic liberalization efforts undertaken by reform-minded governments throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and investing in the energy sector. Gas Chill’s relationship with NatEnergy enables growth and development throughout the value chain.

EKH has a continuous ability to create value and follows investment strategy that focuses on the creation of subsidiary companies in high-growth sectors where the MENA region has a strong competitive advantage.

NATENERGY is a holding company dedicated for current and prospective integrated clean energy solutions together with spin-off technologies and applications. It orchestrates harmonically, with its affiliates: diversified developments and assertive spread of business in Egypt and in the MENA region.

NATENERGY provides efficient energy solutions in Natural Gas transportation, along with the design and implementation of its networks, Power generation & distribution provision of District Cooling and Electromechanical services through its affiliates NATGAS, Fayum gas, KAHRABA, Nubaria, and Gas Chill.